Family Valentine’s Day Fun

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner again, and increasing interest in fun family ideas for celebrating, I thought it was time for an updated Family Valentine’s Day Fun post. I’ve shared before how we usually celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family in Valentine’s Day 2016. Last year our (now 13mths old) twins joined us… Continue reading Family Valentine’s Day Fun

Family Moments · Seasonal

Big Family – Top 10 Holiday Packing Tips

With Holiday Season now upon us and the kids now counting down to our own family holiday, I thought I’d share some of our tips for Holiday Packing for our large family. This year will be our 5th time holidaying as a family of 7, and we’ve picked up a few tips and habits over… Continue reading Big Family – Top 10 Holiday Packing Tips

Easter · Seasonal

Another Easter Cake

I’ve previously written about our Easter Cakes so thought I’d add this year’s attempt to the line-up. Admittedly, I have cheated a little with the cake this year and used a Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix and icing, rather than completely making it myself from scratch and it’s certainly not as elaborate as previous attempts, but still, it looks… Continue reading Another Easter Cake