Family Valentine’s Day Fun

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner again, and increasing interest in fun family ideas for celebrating, I thought it was time for an updated Family Valentine’s Day Fun post.

I’ve shared before how we usually celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family in Valentine’s Day 2016.

Last year our (now 13mths old) twins joined us for the celebrations, celebrating their First Valentine’s Day, and of course I couldn’t resist dressing them appropriately for the occasion.

Their lovely 1st Valentine’s Day baby-grows are from the clever Lacie’s Frills and Embroidery

And personalised Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsum Heart is from Shop Disney

As usual, our Elf on the Shelf Joey (now accompanied by his girlfriend Belle and the Elf Pets) made an appearance, bringing with him his usual basket of little treats for the kids.

Joey’s little gifts vary each year, but usually consist of Valentine’s-related sweets & treats & often include some small collectible for each child (TY Valentine’s-themed beanies are a regular as our girls collect them).

We do get small presents for each other too. With the addition of our Rainbow Twins last year, Rainbow Roses were a must for our Valentine’s Day flower display.

Then, depending on whether the kids are at school or home (Valentine’s Day often falls during the Half Term holidays), we usually will do a Valentine’s-themed Tea Party, either for lunch or after school, and last year was no exception.

Mr Kipling’s Strawberry Fancies and Barny Bear Cakes we’re popular treats at our Tea Party.

Then for Dinner we made the kids personal pizzas decorated with hot dog hearts, always a favourite.

Before having our own meal separately to the kids later on in the evening.

With two tiny babies, just home from the NICU last year, we didn’t do much in the way of Valentine’s-themed activities with the older kids, but this year Joey has plans 🤫

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, wishing you all a good one xx

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