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Easter Fun

I’ve written before about our Easter Traditions. Each year they grow and change a bit as the children grow, and we learn more about what works for us and fit things in around our other plans.

So here’s what we’ve been up to this Easter :

First up, Joey the Elf got up to his usual tricks on Easter morning.

Before she went to bed on Saturday night, youngest left out a carrot to try and lure the Easter Bunny to our house.

It must have worked, because on Sunday morning we came downstairs to find a trail of bunny paw prints leading from the Easter Bunny’s magic door into the living-room.

However, there was also a trail of Easter confetti leading from Joey’s Elf Door…..

Joey had once again stolen the eggs the Easter Bunny had left for the kids and hidden them, leaving them a set of clues to solve to try and find them.

The kids quickly set to work solving their clues and rounding up their Easter Eggs.

(Quick note : this is 5 kids worth, these eggs aren’t all from us, we use the eggs they get from family members in the hunt too, and they certainly won’t be eating them all at once! This lot will last them quite a while)

This year there was an extra clue to try and find the golden egg for a bonus prize. The clue was just the infinity symbol (which should lead them to the drawer where we keep the Disney Infinity figures). Only middle child figured out what it was, so she claimed the prize, a golden chocolate bunny.

Next up came the Glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt

I’ve written about this before, Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt. Last year we used small glow sticks inside the plastic eggs, but this year we used battery-powered tea lights, which are much easier to re-use.

We hid these around the garden once the sun had gone down, then sent the kids out to find them. For each egg they found, they got to exchange it for a small treat (mini Cadbury’s bunnies/Smarties figures etc.).

Easter Monday was celebrated with an Easter-themed Tea Party

Youngest made some Easter Bunny Cookies

And we all enjoyed lots of Easter-themed treats, like Bunny-shaped crisps and Easter Cakes.

One of my favourites has to be the little Candy Tea Party set, how cute is that?!

Another Easter weekend filled with lots of fun and treats. 

We hope you all enjoyed the Easter break. 

Happy Easter Everyone xx


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