Valentine’s Day 2016

From the archives

Big Family, Big Fun

Valentine’s Day this year was once again a family event. The children came downstairs in the morning to find a trail a teeny hearts leading from the Elf door to the dining-room……..

In the dining-room there was a big surprise waiting. Once again, Joey the Elf, this year accompanied by Snowball the Reindeer, both dressed as trainee Cupid’s (complete with wings, nappies/diapers and Joey was holding a Cupid’s arrow), had flown in to surprise the children.

They had decorated for the occasion….

…….and brought lots of Valentine’s-themed goodies with them. A basket filled with heart-shaped lollies and chocolates, Lovehearts sweets, heart-shaped erasers and post-it notes, Valentine’s versions of the soft toy collections that my girls collect, a SpongeBob SquarePants Valentine’s Book for my son, and personalised Cadbury’s chocolate bars for everyone on which Joey had declared his love for each child 😍

We love you too Joey 😘

He had…

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