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Melting Snowman Biscuits

Just like with the Christmas Pudding Biscuits, Melting Snowman Biscuits are a quick, easy, no-bake recipe perfect for getting the kids involved with the Christmas baking.

To start, you will need :

  • A packet of plain biscuits like Digestives or Rich Tea
  • Icing Sugar (made up into standard cake icing)
  • White marshmallows
  • Black writing icing
  • Orange writing icing (or miniature fondant carrots)
  • Different coloured writing icing
  • Mini Smarties

  1. Start by creating a ‘puddle’ of icing on your biscuit
  2. Draw a face into your marshmallow using the black and orange writing icing (or miniature fondant carrot if you have them)
  3. Place the marshmallow at the top of your ‘puddle’
  4. Add a scarf around the marshmallow using a different colour writing icing
  5. Use a couple of mini smarties to make buttons
  6. Add twig-like arms using the black (or brown if you have it) writing icing
  7. Repeat until you’ve used all your Biscuits (or eaten all the marshmallows 😋)

A great, fun activity to do with the kids in the run-up to Christmas ⛄️


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