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Jelly Baby Jesus Cakes

This is a new recipe for us after coming across it on the creative Mum in the Madhouse‘s blog.

 Jelly Baby Jesus in a Manger Crispy Cakes.

I thought it looked like a nice, simple recipe for the kids to try.

The version we made differed slightly from Jen’s recipe but the basic principal is the same.

For a start, you will need :

  • Either shredded wheat or all-bran – type cereal (we used Tesco’s version of All Bran)
  • Milk chocolate
  • Jelly Babies
  • Cake cases

  1. Break the chocolate into pieces then melt (we just popped it in the microwave)
  2. Pop the cereal into a big bowl. We gave it a bit of a bashing with a rolling pin to break it up a bit and make it easier to mix into the chocolate
  3. Add the melted chocolate to the bowl full of cereal and give it a good stir until it’s all well-combined 
  4. Spoon the mixture into individual cake cases
  5. Make a little indentation in the middle of the mixture then pop in a jelly baby
  6. Repeat until you’ve used up all your mixture, then eat the remaining jelly babies while the kids aren’t looking 😋 (tip : distract them by letting them lick the bowl & spoon 😉)
  7. Then just pop the trays into the fridge for half an hour for the chocolate to set.

And enjoy with a cup of tea. 

These are definitely different and really simple for the kids to make, thank you to Mum in the Madhouse for the idea.

(No offence is meant by this post, just a simple recipe for children to make)

(This post contains no sponsored material).


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