Making Our First Christmas Cake

Every year on Stir It Up Sunday, I see pictures all over social media of people making their Christmas Puddings and Cakes and wish I’d been organised enough to join in this tradition.

Well this year I did get myself organised and made sure we had everything we needed to try making our first ever Christmas Cake.

Not a fan of Brandy, I looked for an alcohol-free recipe and found this brilliant As-You-Like-It Christmas Cake recipe on BBC Good Food

Our family can be quite picky when it comes to fruit cake so this recipe was great for just using ingredients that I knew we liked. For the fruit we used Sultanas, Raisins and Glacé Cherries, soaked overnight in cold brewed tea and orange juice, which the kids helped me weigh out and mix together.

The next day it was time to bake the cake.

We found the recipe easy enough to follow, however, following on from the majority of the comments on the site, our cake did take longer to bake, around 4 hours in total.

Once baked, we wrapped it in baking paper and stored it in a cake tin, opening it up once a week to feed it. The kids were fascinated by this process and enjoyed poking skewers through the cake and drizzling the cold brewed tea over it.

Now came the fun part, icing the cake. I started by trimming off the top of the cake to make it more level.

Then covered it in a layer of marzipan.

Before covering it in a layer of fondant, and I used some of the leftover fondant to make little snowballs to go around the base.

I dusted the whole thing with edible glitter to make it look ‘frosty’ before calling the littlest two children to help add our decorations.

We bought pre-made fondant decorations and used some icing to stick them onto our cake.

The kids really enjoyed this part.

For our first ever attempt at making our own Christmas Cake, I think we did a pretty good job.


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