Our Christmas Eve Box

With Christmas almost upon us, just two weeks left until Christmas Eve, the time has come to get our Christmas Eve Box ready for the big day.

The box itself is a standard wooden chest that I painted red and got a lovely laser-cut sign for the top.

I lined the bottom of the chest with fabric and the top edges with ribbon.

Each year we have a selection of things that go inside the box. Some new, some that we use every year as part of our family’s traditions.

We have our fabulous Father Christmas treat board, 

the perfect place to leave a Mince Pie, and a carrot for Rudolph too. Along with Santa’s very own milk bottle,

 and Magic Key (as we don’t have a real fireplace, we hang this key outside the back door so that Santa can let himself in – obviously it’s not a real key!). We also have a little box for the Elf Treats (we ice Weetos and dip them in sprinkles to make Elf Doughnuts, and use Cookie Crisp cereal for Elf-sized Cookies).

We also have our ticket and sleigh bell for The Polar Express, we usually watch the film on Christmas Eve and the kids pass round the sleigh bell to make sure they all still believe.

We put a new DVD in each year. This year we have the new Ice Age Movie for us all to watch together before bed on Christmas Eve.

There’s always a selection of Christmassy treats for us all to enjoy while watching our DVD. These tend to go in a separate hamper next to the main box.

Next up we have the new PJ bundles, one for each member of the family, each containing a new pair of Christmassy Pyjamas and a pair of Christmassy Bed or Slipper Socks.

All rolled up and tied with a special ribbon……

……as the Christmas Eve Box is a parting gift from our Elf Joey before he returns to The North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve.

We even manage to find appropriate Christmassy PJ’s for the grumpy teenager 😂

Each bundle is finished off with a personalised wooden tag…..

Another item inside our box, is a new tradition for us that started last year The Christmas Pickle. We leave it out for Santa on Christmas Eve. When he arrives to deliver our presents, he hides the Pickle somewhere on the Christmas Tree. Whichever child is the first one to spot the pickle on the tree gets an extra present from Santa, we call it  The Pickle-Finder present. (This is a generic Christmassy treats gift of Chocolate or Sweets, suitable for anyone). There are many versions of this tradition but this is the method we have chosen to adopt. It adds a little extra fun on Christmas morning as everyone tries to find the pickle first.

Everything is packed in, ready for the kids to open on Christmas Eve.


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