Snowman Doors

Snowman Doors are a really cheap, simple and fun way of decorating your home at Christmas-time.

All you need is :

  • Some coloured paper inc. black
  • A pencil
  • Something circular to draw around like a cup or small bowl
  • Scissors, &
  • Tape

Pictured here are pieces for 4 doors, but to keep it simple, for each door you will need to cut out :

  • 1 triangle for the nose (we use orange paper to look like a carrot)
  • 10 black circles for the coal (we make the 2 for the eyes slightly bigger but you could make them all the same size if you wished)
  • 5 coloured strips for the scarf.

For the nose, I fold an A4 sheet of orange paper in half, then diagonally fold it again, cutting along the folds. This way I get 4 ‘noses’ out of 1 sheet of paper.

The ‘Carrot’ Nose

Simply draw around your cup or bowl with the pencil until you’ve marked out your 10 circles.

Then cut out each circle.

For the scarf, I take 3 sheets of coloured A4 paper, fold them in half lengthways, then cut along the fold. This gives me 6 strips, but I only use 5 per door.

To attach the pieces to the door, I use clear tape, but double-sided tape, blue-tack or similar would work as well.

I use 5 circles to form the mouth, 2 for the eyes, and 3 for the buttons.

For the scarf I use 3 strips across the width of the door, then stick the remaining 2 strips at angles downwards.

And there you have it…….Snowman Doors ⛄️

We use different coloured scarves for each door.

Every door upstairs in our house becomes a snowman.

I never get tired of walking upstairs to see this cheerful sight 😃


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