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Elf on the Shelf Antics – Day 1

Today is the 1st of December, the day that the Elf on the Shelf traditionally returns, and, in our house, that means The North Pole Breakfast.

Our Elf, Snowy Joey, returns along with his pet reindeer Snowball, and this year they have brought a new friend with them, an Elf Pets Saint Bernard Pup.

He brings The North Pole Breakfast as a welcome gift for the family, with lots of yummy snowy-related treats, Frosted Cereal, Snowy Vanilla Milkshakes, Icy Lemonade, Snow-covered cereal bars and chocolate snowballs to name a few.

The kids came downstairs this morning to find that Joey had once again made himself at home, and left a trail of snow leading from his Elf Door into the dining room.

They followed the trail of snow to find Joey and his pets, sat amongst a frosty feast.

Lots of little elfish touches, I love the Elf legs on the dining table 😂

Lots of yummy, icy treats.

The kids enjoyed tucking into all the yummy treats, it’s not often they’re allowed Chocolate at breakfast!

They also named our new Elf Pets Saint Bernard Pup, Snowy Paws……

…….as well as discovering The Book Advent underneath the Christmas Tree where Joey had delivered it, and can’t wait to start it at bedtime tonight.

The North Pole Breakfast is a fun way to kick off our Elf Antics and the festive season. We look forward to what the next 24 days will bring.

Happy December xx

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