The North Pole Breakfast

For our family, the festive season begins on the 1st of December, with the return of our Elf on the Shelf, Joey and his reindeer, Snowball.


They arrive during the night, bringing The North Pole breakfast with them, as a welcome gift for the family.


The children come downstairs in the morning to find a trail of snow leading from the Elf Door into the dining room. (As you can see, Joey has made himself at home for the season!).


The children follow the trail of snow into the dining room…..


……..Where they find Joey and Snowball with a snowy feast waiting for them.


In the dining room, Joey has set up a veritable feast, everything with a North Pole/Icy/Snowy theme.


Fab Printables from Super Busy Mum, we re-use them each year.


Last year, Joey brought Snowball the reindeer back from The North Pole with him. This year they will have a new accomplice (shhhh, don’t tell the kids).


Never one to resist a little joke, Joey even found some Snowy Buns with his name on last year, heehee.


Everything is North Pole/Snowy/Icy themed from Frosted Cereal, to Snow Rolls, Icy Lemonade to Christmas Tree crumpets….265

It’s a once a year treat that the kids absolutely love, and a brilliant way to kick off the festive season.

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2 thoughts on “The North Pole Breakfast

  1. This is our third year, but the first with an Elf door – I’m excited to see the kids’ reaction to it when it appears! Your breakfast looks amazing! #ElfOTShelf16


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