The Book Advent πŸ“š

The Book Advent is, by far, one of our family’s favourite Christmas Traditions.

One of the things we love about it, is that you can truly make it your own, tailored to your own families tastes and can be incorporated into long-standing traditions.

This is our 3rd year of doing it and we have some lovely new books included this year thanks to The Works, 10 for Β£10 deal, as well as some old family favourites.

The idea is simple. Take 24 books and wrap them up as presents. Each night in December, in the run-up to Christmas, let your child/children unwrap one book and read it together before bed. It’s a lovely tradition to help everyone really get into the Festive Spirit.

Everyone has their own way of doing The Book Advent. Here are some examples:-

  • You can do the full 24 books for the 24 days of Advent, or, if that seems too much, you could do 12 books for The Twelve Days of Christmas, or however many days suits you.
  • You could do one book per night as a family, or you could have separate books for each child.
  • You could use all books you already have, or you could use all new books, or you could use a mix of the two (Pound shops, Charity Shops & cheap bookshops are all great places to find cheap books).
  • You could have all Christmas or Winter-related books, or you could have whatever books you fancy.
  • You could read the books to the children, or use the occasion as a way of getting the children to read aloud themselves each night as they read the books to you.
  • You could tailor the books to your children’s ages, incorporating older stories for older children (The Rainbow Magic series is great for this, with lots of Christmas Fairies). We’ve even used Christmas-themed comics for the teenagers.

In our house, our Elf on the Shelf, Joey, brings The Book Advent with him when he arrives on the 1st of December, and leaves them underneath the Christmas Tree πŸŽ„. We use all Christmas/Winter-themed books and have a mixture of old and new books each year. Our children take it in turns to unwrap a book each night, which then Daddy, or sometimes one of the older children, reads aloud to the whole family before bedtime. On Christmas Eve, the last book of The Book Advent is our family’s traditional Christmas Eve book, The Little Christmas Tree, that Daddy has read to the kids every Christmas Eve since they were tiny, so we love that we could incorporate that into this tradition.

This is a lovely tradition that we hope will continue for years (and hopefully generations) to come. It really helps you get into the Festive Spirit in the run-up to the big day πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸŽ„πŸŽ
(This post is purely our own opinions and contains no sponsored material).

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