Halloween Fun and Games

Like most occasions round here, Halloween is an excuse for a bit of Family Fun. We have our own traditions and ways of doing things, that do tend to change from year to year. This year the focus was very much on fun. We don’t go in for the gory, horror element of Halloween but we do enjoy celebrating. 

Before the day itself, we spent some time doing a few Halloween-themed activities with the kids. We made Spiders Webs, in the same way as making snowflakes at Christmas, just cutting rectangles rather than different shapes, then sponge-painting them with black paint, and adding spiders cut out from coloured card.

We also bought a ‘Make Your Own Pumpkin Cake’ Kit from Tesco, which went a little wrong (the fondant at the bottom kind of melted), but was still very yummy all the same, fun to make, and far cheaper than buying a ready-made version.

On the day itself, as is commonplace for us, our Elf on the Shelf, Joey, and his partner in crime, Snowball the Reindeer, kicked off the celebrations.
They have their own magical Halloween Elf door which magically appears the night before Halloween. On the morning of Halloween, the kids came downstairs to find a trail of teeny tiny spiders leading from this magical door into the dining room 🕷🕷🕷🕷

They followed the trail to find Joey and Snowball, dressed in Halloween capes and masks, and Joey had even found himself a broomstick (paintbrush), ‘flying’ over the dining table.

As Trick or Treating is not really a done thing where we live, we rarely get more than 1 or 2 trick or treaters and our neighbours don’t really embrace the occasion at all, our family tradition is that Joey fills the kids Halloween buckets with goodies for them.

This year was no exception. The kids found their buckets each with a TY Halloween Beanie toy or a Funko POP Vinyl (with a Halloween theme), glow sticks and lots of Halloween goodies like Milky Bar Ghosts, Cadbury Crunchy Spiders and Smarties Pumpkins, plus a Halloween book to share with the youngests’ at bedtime.

The next part to our Halloween celebrations, came at lunchtime. Wanting to have a little fun, we set up Doughnuts on a string, that the kids had to eat without using their hands, absolutely hilarious to watch and created mass amounts of giggling 😂

Youngest son was the winner, with youngest daughter & oldest daughter coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Oldest son and middle daughter both gave up!

For lunch we had toast cut into the shape of coffins (so easy to do, just cut diagonally across the corners) and various Halloween-themed snacks like Monster Munch and Halloween-design Yollies.

As it began to get dark, the pumpkins came out 🎃

We had carved them a few days before. Tinkerbell on the end was my attempt, followed by the kids, carved by themselves (except for the youngest’s, who I had carved after she had scooped it out, My Little Pony’s Trixie). After watching the story on Watchdog last year about how flammable Halloween costumes are, we use battery-powered tea light candles in our pumpkins.

For dinner, I decided to make a new twist on the Halloween burgers that I usually make. This year I carved Jack-O-Lantern faces into the cheese slices to make Jack-O-Lantern Cheeseburgers 🎃

Followed by more Halloween-themed food snacks, layed out as a buffet.

After dinner, it was time for more fun and games. This year, we tried something new. We made a Mystery Box. It was a project for the kids to make during Half Term, even though they had no idea what would be going in it!

I popped a little bowl in each hole, with an envelope that would reveal what was in each bowl. I used Cashew Nuts for Troll Toe-Nails, Cold, cooked spaghetti for Worms, and grapes for Eye-balls.

The kids had to reach into the holes, feel what was in the bowls, then write down their guesses as to what they thought they were, before we opened the envelopes at the end, revealing what was inside.

Oldest daughter was actually scared to put her hands in, and squealed at what she felt 😱, which then turned into uncontrollable giggling 😂. We certainly got some interesting guesses, from veins…. to hair in a teacup.

Middle daughter won the game, getting two out of the three right. 

This one was a lot of fun and I think it’s one we’ll definitely do again in the future as it gets everyone involved.

Next up was the traditional Bobbing For Apples.

With eldest daughter not wanting to get her face wet! 💦

We then went outside to have a Silly String fight and let off a few Party Poppers.

We then sat down to watch Goosebumps whilst enjoying the Halloween Jelly Ice Cream Sundaes made by youngest son, 9 (with a little help from me).

A fun (& yummy) way to round off the day. 🎃👻🕷💀

(All thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own, this post contains no sponsored content)


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