Half Term Baking with Betty Crocker : Betty’s Little Fish Cupcakes


This Half Term, Betty Crocker set us the challenge to get the kids baking. As baking is something we love to do, this wasn’t difficult.  There’s always at least one cooking project going on in our house during school holidays.

We decided to start by making Betty’s Little Fish Cupcakes. #FunToMake these are great for getting the kids into baking.

Ingredients assembled. We totally didn’t sit eating the sweetie decorations while separating the colours 😉

I ❤️ Betty Crocker’s Ready-To-Use icing, no more icing sugar all over the kitchen!

Using Betty Crocker’s Velvetty Vanilla Cake Mix made the process so easy. No weighing out ingredients. The kids were able to get stuck in doing all the prep themselves.

From popping the cake cases into the muffin trays……

…….to pouring the cake mix into the bowl……..

…… adding the oil……..

……….and the water……….

………and adding the eggs……..

………without getting any shell in the mix!……..

Next up, whisking……..

The little kids always fight over who gets to press the ‘Turbo’ button on the mixer 🙄

The cake mix made a lovely smooth mixture, that was easy to spoon into the cupcake cases.

Now for everyone’s favourite bit, licking the beaters 😋

Then into the oven for 20 minutes.

They came out a lovely golden brown, light & springy to the touch. Perfect.

Now for the fun part, turning the cakes into little fishes. We used M&M’s for the rainbow scales, Haribo Rings for the tails, Haribo Hearts for the fins, Haribo either Cola Bottles or Mini Strawbs for the mouths, and either Haribo Fried Eggs or writing icing for the eyes. 

The kids had lots of fun creating their own little fishes.

We used both Chocolate and Vanilla icing to create different coloured fishes.

Each little fishy is unique.

The kids had lots of fun getting creative with their decorating.

Even if it did get a little messy!

But of course, the best bit about baking is getting to enjoy your creations once they’re done 😋

I can’t see this lot hanging around too long.

Betty’s Little Fish Cupcakes

We’re looking forward to our next creation.

Disclosure : We were sent some of these ingredients for the purpose of this project, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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