The Elf on the Shelf at Halloween

I have previously written about how our Elf on the Shelf’s Not Just For Christmas, & Halloween is no exception. Joey likes to get involved with the majority of Seasonal Occasions, often putting his own twist on the festivities.

On Halloween, he even has his own special magical Halloween Elf Door, made specially for us by Miss Fairy Doors, on Facebook.


The night before Halloween, this door appears in our hallway. The children come downstairs in the morning and find a trail of Halloween confetti leading from this mysterious door into the living-room.


In the living-room, they find Joey having a Strange Tea Party with some Halloween Pals. Halloween Play Food bought from Mummy Made It Me, Not On The High Street.


Joey has fashioned himself a rather fetching Vampire Cape Halloween Costume, and is ready to join in the festivities.


Behind Joey, sat on the table, the children find the buckets of spooky treats that Joey has brought them. Cuddly Halloween toys (yes, that’s a SpongeBob in a Pumpkin Costume!), Halloween Manga for the grumpy teenager, glow sticks and wands, and lots of yummy Halloween Treats from Cadbury’s, Nestle and stores own from Tesco. Plus a Spooky Colouring Book from Usborne, and a new Halloween DVD for us all to enjoy together whilst munching on the treats later on.

A fun way to start off the Halloween celebrations.




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