Halloween Family Fun

We’ve already talked about how our The Elf on the Shelf at Halloween likes to kick off the Halloween Celebrations in our house, and how we prefer A Harry Potter Halloween to the more scary/gory traditional Halloween celebrations. In this post we will share some of our other ways of celebrating Halloween as a family.

Like most people we carve our own pumpkins. Each year they get more elaborate. Last year, the children each chose their own design which we traced onto their respective pumpkins, the older ones largely carved them themselves, and I helped the younger ones.069

Here we have Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony), Pikachu, Tinkerbell, The Tardis & a Mario Mushroom.040

Tinkerbell Fairy Dust Pumpkin


This one made using a drill for the fairy dust, I do love this effect.


We like to decorate the house for the Season.


The majority of these decorations I have made myself.


The children helped me to make some Monster Face Cupcakes.


They were a lot yummier than they looked!


We also made ‘Crocs in the Swamp’ Jelly, by mixing green and orange jelly together then chucking in Coco Pops Crocs cereal as it set. This was a great, easy activity for the younger children.


One of our favourite activities from last Halloween, was our Jack-on-Lantern Jelly Heads. Simply hollow out oranges, fill with jelly then pop in the fridge to set. Once set, using a small, sharp knife, carve out the mini Jack-o-Lantern faces, then simply replace the orange tops. We served these with a big dollop of squirty cream on top of each Jelly Head, a fun and yummy Halloween dessert.


At dinnertime we have a Halloween buffet.


As it gets darker, the Ghostly Fairy Lights from Poundland make an appearance.


For fun, we did the old doughnut on a string competition. I have fond memories of this game from my days as a St. John’s Ambulance cadet. For those unfamiliar with this game, you tie doughnuts to a long pole with string, we used Krispy Kreme‘s Halloween-themed ring doughnuts, the kids lined up in front of the doughnuts, and the challenge was to eat their doughnut with their hands behind their backs! The winner got first dibs of the Halloween Buffet. Admittedly, this was more entertainment for us parents, hilarious to watch, with immense laughter, it was great fun and we’ll definitely be doing it again this year.


One of our favourite Halloween traditions is Monster Burgers for Dinner. These are so easy to make. Normal burgers and buns, I position the cheese slice so it hangs out slightly to look a little like a tongue, then use black olives on cocktail sticks for the eyes. This a firm family Halloween favourite and we’ve done a few variations on it in the past.100_5326.JPG

We’ve made them into Alien Burgers, using mini pickled onions instead of the olives and giving them three eyes each, so an adaptable idea too.


Another quick and easy Halloween food item is Coffin Sandwiches. These are another really easy to make item. Normal sandwiches cut in half, then simply cut off the crusts at an angle to make the coffin shape.


Another Halloween food item is our Halloween Knickerbockerglories, all you need are some sundae glasses, green jelly, lemon jelly, orange jelly, vanilla ice cream, squirty cream, ice cream wafers, and we also found some pumpkin wafers in Tesco for the finishing touch. Needless to say, these didn’t hang around long.

Magic Lemonade

Already explained in A Harry Potter Halloween, but as it’s a Halloween activity, I thought I’d share again. Magic Lemonade is always a hit at Halloween or Kids Parties in general. While the kids are out of the room, pop a drop of different coloured food colourings into the bottom of clear glasses, we use disposable wine glasses, gather the kids round, then watch their amazement as you take a normal bottle of lemonade, and pour into each glass, and each one pours a different colour. Magic!

Lots of fun ideas for a family-friendly Halloween.



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