The Elf on the Shelf’s Not Just For Christmas

Most people are familiar with The Elf on the Shelf concept. The cheeky little Elf that comes to stay during the month of December to keep an eye on the kids behaviour and report back to Santa at night, always re-appearing in a different place the next morning, often getting up to mischief themselves.

Our family has a resident Elf named Snowy Joey, Joey for short, and last December he got himself a pet Reindeer named Snowball. Both Joey and Snowball like to get up to mischief, but we all hate it once Christmas is over and their fun and mischievousness disappears for another 11 months. Evidently, Joey and Snowball hate it too because they have devised ways to keep visiting the family throughout the year.

14th February, more commonly known as Valentine’s Day is one such occasion. Joey likes to visit us dressed as Cupid, complete with wings & a nappy, & a Cupid’s Arrow.

He brings the family heart-felt treats like Lovehearts sweets and Heart-shaped lollipops.

At Easter he likes to follow The Easter Bunny in, even trying to dress like him in disguise! Often stealing the children’s Easter Eggs and hiding them, leaving them clues to try to find them again.

This year he tried to disguise himself as an Easter Egg!

He didn’t like the idea of us going on holiday without him, so fashioned himself a special Elf door and let himself into our Caravan, all set for the Beach in his shorts and deckchair.

He brought the children Seaside-themed treats and at one point was caught taking Selfies with our youngest’s cuddly toy collection 📱

This year Snowball the Reindeer joined him too…….

……… well as Olaf, they decided to throw the kids a Luau.

At Halloween Joey likes to dress up and bring the kids some Spooky treats.

We’re all wondering what he’ll get up to next.

So you see, our Elf on the Shelf is not just for Christmas, he’s great fun all year round 😃


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