New Farm Brands at Tesco

This week our family has been trying out the New Farm Brands at Tesco. With a big family, we’re always on the lookout for good quality, reasonably priced food for feeding our hungry brood. The Tesco Farm Brands fit this bill well. We were already familiar with the brands and had purchased them before, but I decided to create a family meal using only ingredients sourced from the Farm’s range as part of this trial.

We used Redmere Farms white potatoes which are perfect for mashing and a 2.5kg bag feeds our family of 7 with a few spuds left over. We also used about half of a 1kg bag of Redmere Farms Carrots, peeled, chopped & boiled, which at 45p per bag, is great value for money as we will get 2 meals out of 1 bag. Finally we used 2 packs of Woodside Farms Gammon Steaks, grilled. You get 2 good-sized gammon steaks in each pack, the 4 steaks was more than enough to feed our family roughly half a gammon steak each.

All the food was good quality, fresh, and easy to prepare, making them great staple foods to have as part of the family’s regular meals. The gammon wasn’t tough or grisly or too chewy, it was just right, even for our braces-clad teenager & picky 5 year old.

An enjoyable meal and brands that I would recommend.
*disclosure: We were sent vouchers to cover the purchase of these items via Tesco Orchard’s #TriedItFree programme, however, all thoughts & opinions are my own.


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