Brush Like A Dentist

With 7 people in our house, 3 of them currently undergoing Orthodontic treatment, Oral Hygiene and toothbrushes in particular are a big deal around here.

So when The Savvy Circle gave us the opportunity to test the new Oral-B GENIUS 8000 before it hit the shops, we jumped at the chance.

We’ve had small, battery-powered electric toothbrushes for the children before, but never a high-powered model and it was something we had always wanted to try, so were looking forward to the project.

Firstly, the contents. You get the toothbrush itself, a charging base with a section for storing spare brush heads, a travel case, phone holder and 3 different brush heads. The only recommendation to make at this point, is that if, like us, you don’t have a Shaving Socket in your bathroom, you will need to buy a plug adaptor, as like most rechargeable electric toothbrushes, it comes with a Shaving Plug. These are not expensive, we picked one up in Wilko’s for just a couple of pounds. 

The toothbrushes do come fully charged however so you can get started straightaway, even if you don’t have the correct plug at first.

One of the most innovative features of the GENIUS 8000 is the use of an App to assist with your daily brushing.

The phone holder attaches quickly, easily and securely to the bathroom mirror, and holds your phone securely, so no need to worry about your phone dropping into the sink while in use!
The App is quick and easy to download and set up. It times your brushing and tracks your brushing habits. One of my hubby’s favourite features is being able to watch the news on the App whilst brushing his teeth 📱

For the toothbrush itself, you can change the brush heads dependent on the type of brush you need, with options such as Whitening and Cross-Action. It holds the charge for up to 12 hours, which means you can go days without charging. During brushing, the GENIUS 8000 lets you know when you need to change which section of your mouth to brush by vibrating, along with tracking through the App. Very easy to use and honestly does leave your mouth feeling like you’ve just visited the Dentist, every time you brush.
*disclosure. We were sent this toothbrush for the purpose of review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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