Leaving School

Today, my eldest child ‘officially’ left school. He still has a couple of exams left and needs to go in to complete some coursework, but as far as the school is concerned, his school days are over. No more lessons, no more parents evenings, no more assemblies, no more school trips.  Despite 2 years of Nursery, 3 years of Infants School, 4 years of Junior School and 5 years of High School, 14 years of school days in total, I feel like it has literally gone in a heartbeat. I’m sure most, if not all, parents probably feel the same way. That first day, cooing over how cute he looked in his little uniform, and worrying if I’d put enough food in his Toy Story lunchbox, seems like yesterday. But now, he’s 6ft 3, and definitely has no interest in Buzz Lightyear anymore! In a month’s time it’ll be his Prom, 6 weeks later, Results Day, then 6th Form, A-levels and driving lessons! Yet in my eyes, he’s still that 3 year old little boy that hated having his hair cut and needed me to do everything for him. 

I’ve always looked at older parents and thought there must be some magic moment where you finally feel like a ‘grown-up’, when you automatically just start knowing what to do. Now, as one of those parents, with a child on the cusp of adulthood, I’ve had to accept that that magic moment is never going to come and I’m just going to be winging it for the rest of my life! All I can do is hope that I haven’t completely screwed it all up.

1 down, 4 to go…………


11 thoughts on “Leaving School

    1. I actually think it’s scarier at this end, when they start, it’s scary because it’s new, but you settle in to the routine & over the years it just becomes ‘normal’, but at this end, it feels like we’re starting all over again with the added challenge of him being the one in control, not us 🙈. Good luck to you & your little one xx


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