Easter Traditions

Like most special occasions round here, Easter is a time for family traditions. These tend to grow each year, and for the last couple of years now, have included the return of our Elf on the Shelf, Joey, and his pet reindeer, Snowball (Elves aren’t just for Christmas you know 😉).

The Easter Bunny has his own magical door that ‘appears’ alongside Joey’s Elf door, the night before Easter Sunday.

Before they go to bed that night, the kids leave a carrot out for him on our family’s Easter Bunny Treat Board.


He arrives leaving a trail of Easter confetti as he goes, munches his treat & leaves Easter Baskets full of goodies for the kids.

But what’s this?! Joey and Snowball have turned up too, dressed as Easter Eggs! And as usual they’ve been up to mischief!

They have stolen the Easter Eggs that the Easter Bunny has brought and hidden them. Can the kids solve Joey’s clues and find their eggs?

Frantic egg-hunting then ensues. A fun take on traditional Easter Egg Hunts that is not ruined by the Great British Weather ☔️


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