Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

We’re always on the lookout out for new, fun ideas for things to do with the kids, especially when it comes to seasonal activities, so when I saw this idea pop up on social media, I had to give it a go.

Cheap & simple, I got everything we needed from our local Pound Shop. All you need are some plastic Easter eggs (the type that come apart for you to pop treats inside), some small glow sticks (we used glow bracelets) & sellotape, plus treats.

We simply cracked & shook the glow sticks, tied them in a loose knot, then popped one glow stick inside each egg & taped them up to stop them from popping open.

Once it got dark we hid them around the garden before sending the kids out to hunt for them. The darker the places hidden, the brighter they glowed.

Once collected, the kids could then exchange their glowing eggs for real treats (Creme Eggs, Mini Lindt Bunnies etc.). Lots of fun & the kids still get their chocolate treats 😊


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