Mother’s Day 2016

 Mother’s Day this year was a little quieter affair than usual due to me still feeling under the weather after a recent bout of flu, but never ones to let a celebration just pass by, we still tried to make the most of the day. Like most Mum’s, & in particular Mum’s of large broods, my day started with 5 rather excited children showering me with cards & gifts. From handmade candles & paper flowers, to Yankee Candle gift sets, cuddly toys & chocolates, I was thoroughly spoilt (there are definitely benefits to having a big brood!).
 Breakfast was a yummy Continental style breakfast of warm croissants, pan au raisins, fruit lattices, pan au chocolat’s, and raisin & chocolate chip brioche swirls, with various sweets spreads, coffee and fruit juices, that aren’t things we generally have for breakfast so were a nice treat for the whole family.

 After breakfast I got to spend some quality time with the big kids watching Forrest Gump while the little ones played in the dining room. It made a nice change for them to willingly sit and watch (& enjoy) a film with me without me having to ask them too.

 Lunch time saw our Tea Party family tradition come back to life. With probably way too much cake, it’s safe to say that food was very much a highlight to this day 😋
The rest of the day was spent watching more films and generally just having a relaxing day. I even got the day off cooking with a very yummy Indian Takeaway for dinner. When the 14 year old tells you that they love Mother’s Day because of all the yummy food we get to eat, you know we’ve done the food right! Hoping all the other Mum’s out there had a lovely day too xxx


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