Valentine’s Day Family Fun

Joey as Cupid

As a family, we like to try and make the most of every occasion and Valentine’s Day is no exception. We’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day with a little Tea Party for several years now (any excuse for cake 😋), but last year (2015), we decided to get our Elf on the Shelf, Joey, in on the act. He paid the family a ‘flying’ visit, dressed as Cupid, complete with wings, nappy/diaper & a miniature bow & arrow. A trail of confetti hearts led the kids from his Elf Door in the hallway into the Dining Room, where they found Joey hovering over the table which held a lovely basket full of Valentine’s goodies for them. Heart-shaped lollies, Lovehearts sweets and felt play cakes were among the goodies for the kids to enjoy. For lunch we enjoyed our Valentine’s Tea Party with lots of heart-shaped goodies like Pretzels, Jammie Dodgers biscuits and crumpets.


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