Extreme Pancake Day

 The idea for Extreme Pancake Day came a few years ago when we were debating what type of pancakes we’d have for Pancake Day that year. I love American-style short stacks, while the hubby favoured traditional English lemon & sugar pancakes. I remembered going to a restaurant on holiday that served savoury pancakes with beans & sausages, which I loved, so I decided to combine it all, & Extreme Pancake Day was born. We’ve now done it for about 3 years running, & I’m hoping that it will be a family tradition for years to come.
We start with American-style short stacks for breakfast, with as many sauces, syrups & spreads as I can gather. Sometimes I make my own from scratch, but if we’re pushed for time, especially if the day falls on a school day, then I tend to buy the ready made packs of Scotch pancakes, they’re usually on offer this time of year, & just heat them up in the morning. I prefer to heat them under the grill, but they can just as easily be toasted. It gets the day off to a great (& very yummy 😋) start.

We also put Crepes in the kids lunch boxes, we buy the pre-made, individually wrapped ones from Tesco that are chocolate or strawberry-flavoured. The kids love them & are the envy of their friends when they open their lunch boxes! We tend to buy a couple of packs & they have them as their after-school snack too. They do have the usual sandwiches, crisps, raisins etc. for lunch too, the crepes just replace their ‘treat’ snack on that day.

 Dinner time sees my own version of the savoury pancakes I remember having in that restaurant as a kid. I either make standard English non-sweetened pancakes from scratch, or use ready-made large savoury pancakes such as Abracadebora & just heat them in the frying pan. Add heated tinned beans & sausages, & roll up with a sprinkle of grated cheese. Everyone loves them, clean plates in minutes!
 Then for the grand finale it’s traditional English lemon & sugar pancakes, often served with ice cream, & I tend to make as many as it takes before we’ve all had enough & are ready to bid farewell to Pancake Day for another year!
Our kids will always remember Pancake Day, & now ask if we’ll be doing Extreme Pancake Day each year. A fun family tradition now firmly embedded 😊


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