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The Best Banana Cake Ever (well in our opinion anyway)

I’ve shared before how I hate waste, and always try to find recipes that will use up ingredients before they go off, so finding a good Banana Cake Recipe has been an ongoing trial for a while. We often have a couple of bananas past their best and I always try to get them used… Continue reading The Best Banana Cake Ever (well in our opinion anyway)

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Our First Clearance XL Order

I’ve previously written about how we’ve slashed the cost of our weekly food shop by Frugal Family Meal Planning, using sites like Approved Food to stock up on staple cupboard items at rock bottom prices. This week we decided to try out another site that I’ve heard great things about, Clearance XL. Just like Approved Food, Clearance XL sells… Continue reading Our First Clearance XL Order

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Big Family – Top 10 Holiday Packing Tips

With Holiday Season now upon us and the kids now counting down to our own family holiday, I thought I’d share some of our tips for Holiday Packing for our large family. This year will be our 5th time holidaying as a family of 7, and we’ve picked up a few tips and habits over… Continue reading Big Family – Top 10 Holiday Packing Tips

Frugal Family Meal Planning · Recipes

Minted Shepherd’s Pie

As part of our Frugal Family Meal Planning series, I’ve already shared our recipe for Minted Lamb Stew, one of the recipes I tend to cook in the week following Easter (or any time we’ve had Roast Lamb) as a way of using up the leftover Mint Sauce.  Today, I’m going to share the other recipe I make… Continue reading Minted Shepherd’s Pie

Frugal Family Meal Planning · Recipes

Bacon & Pea Spaghetti Carbonara

As part of our ongoing series on Frugal Family Meal Planning, today’s recipe is a quick, cheap, family favourite, Bacon & Pea Spaghetti Carbonara. This meal costs just £3.35 in total to make, so for our family of 7, that works out at just 48p per head. For this recipe, you will need; 500g of Cooking… Continue reading Bacon & Pea Spaghetti Carbonara